Project cost?​

$15.8 Million​


Project working hours?​

Construction activities will occur Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Additional hours and Sunday work will be scheduled as needed.

Project duration?​

11 Months​

What could delay construction?​
  • Weather
  • Unforeseen conditions
  • Material availability
Why is the bridge being replaced?​

The existing 16th Street Bridge over Military Road was constructed in 1956.  Over the years, the superstructure concrete progressively deteriorated.  To determine the best course of action, DDOT initiated a testing program to determine the appropriate rehabilitation or replacement scheme.  The results of these tests led to a conclusion that replacing the bridge, rather than rehabilitating it, is the appropriate course of action.

How old is the existing bridge?​

Approximately 57 years​

What improvements does the project entail?​

Work under the Reconstruction of 16th Street Bridge over Military Road, N. W. and Median Barrier & Streetlight Improvements on Military Road & Ramps includes, work on Ramps on and off ramps connecting Military Rd and 16th St, and reconstructive work on Military Road from Oregon Avenue to 14th Street

The work includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

A. 16th Street Bridge over Military Road NW and Roadway Reconstruction

  • Phased demolition of the entire existing, bridge, approach slabs, portions of adjoining wing walls & retaining walls.
  • Construction of new bridge with prefabricated structures
  • Maintenance of traffic: Implementation and monitoring of vehicular traffic and its maintenance for the construction period including temporary lane closures, lane shifts and associated signing.
  • Upgrade storm drainage system.
  • Construction of new electrical and telephone utilities under 16th Street and supported under bridge including light poles, conduits, cables and supports. All existing utilities will remain in service. These include the streetlight and traffic signal conduits and Verizon telecom utility conduits.
  • Traffic signal and street light work and Verizon conduit work.
  • Reconstruction of roadway main artery and side streets
  • Installation of permanent lane markings and signage.

B. Military Road NW Median Barrier & Street Light Improvement 

  • Reconstruction of the existing median barrier with stone faced median barrier from Oregon Avenue to 14th Street.
  • Impact attenuators for median barrier at Oregon Avenue and 14th Street and transition of new stone faced PCC barrier to existing concrete barrier.
  • Upgrade storm drainage system along Military Road.
  • Traffic signal and street light work
  • Installation of permanent lane markings.
Current estimated traffic levels?​
  • 16th Street NW: 32-thousand daily crossings per day ​
  • Military Road NW: 20-thousand daily crossings per day ​
How will vehicular and pedestrian traffic be managed?​

16th Street NW STAGEs 1 & 2- Southbound & Northbound Lane Closures:

  • One Lane in each direction will be maintained on the 16th Street NW
  • One Lane in each direction on the Military Road NW under the Bridge will be maintained
  • At the time of the existing super structure move out and the new structures move in: the 16th Street Bridge will be closed to all traffic for a continuous period of time for 8 hours & Military Road will be closed under the bridge to all traffic for a continuous period of 32 hours? The Closings will occur on weekends starting at 9:00PM on Friday and will reopen before 5:00 AM Monday morning.
  • During the bridge closures, traffic will be detoured onto Kalmia Road, Military Road and 14th Street. Motorists will be notified in advance to avoid the 16th Street Bridge.

Military Road STAGE 1 – All Lanes Remain Open during construction (except during demolition and placement of new structures as noted above):

  • Lanes will be shifted towards the shoulders to create Median Workzone area along Military Road between Oregon Ave NW & Joyce Road intersections.

Military Road STAGE 2 – All Lanes Remain Open during construction (except during demolition and placement of new structures as noted above):

  • Lanes will be shifted towards the shoulders to create Median Workzone along Military Road between Joyce Road & 14th Street NW intersections.

Pedestrian access will remain open, except during demolition and placement of new structures as noted above.
While some sidewalks will be closed during construction, others will be maintained with disability access according to the ADA guidelines.

What will DDOT do about the traffic congestion?

The District was concerned that replacing the bridge would have significant impacts to traffic on this heavily used route in and out of the District. For this reason, the bridge replacement scheme is to employ accelerated bridge construction (ABC) techniques to minimize this impact.

DDOT has worked closely with the contractor, NPS, WMATA, and the Montgomery County & Maryland State Highway Administration to create a viable maintenance of traffic plan for the project during all phases of construction. All involved with the project will work to ensure that the general public, local residents and commuters using all forms of transportation in and around the work zone are well informed about the construction progress and any changes that may impact the area and commuting public.

What has been done to notify the community?

The DDOT public outreach team has kept the DC Government, ANCs, communities and other major stakeholders informed over the past two (2) years of planning. DDOT and it’s partners anticipate impacts due to the size and complexity of the project.

A public outreach team is also currently in contact with many stakeholders using various resources and will continue to inform, and update the public while providing a medium for feedback throughout the life of the project.

Where can I go to find project information?
  • The project website, www.16thandmilitary.com, will be a great resource for information.
  • Stakeholders can also access up-to date information via Twitter (@16thandmilitary)
  • In addition, stakeholders can sign up for email alerts that will include routine traffic advisories and notices, flyers, and newsletters. Representatives will also attend ANC and community meetings to provide project updates.
Can I sign-up for future project notifications?

Yes. You can sign up on the website for emails, twitter updates, Facebook notifications, and scheduled meetings.